Sunday, September 25, 2011

Week Of September 19

     We have been blessed yet again this week. We got an email from the Embassy saying that we were to come on October 12 at 7:30 am to pick up an "appointment package" with instructions of what to do to proceed further with this visa process, we were excited to hear anything at all even though it was about 3 weeks away. Then however the next morning we got a call saying that instead they want us to come September 28 (this coming wednesday) at 2 pm to pick up the appointment package. I can't wait to get it and figure out what we are dealing with next. It's almost like a game or something except it's really not that fun because the longer it takes, the longer we are stuck here and I'm away from everything haha. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy things here though.
     My friend Abby and her cute friend Emily are now here and we have had a lot of fun this week with girls nights watching Baby Mama or 13 going on 30 and eating the candy that they brought haha it's so part of the American culture. We had Paul try twizzlers and he told them that he liked them but then on our way home he was like, "I really don't like sweet that much." Haha he's so cute. He has malaria though right now and I know that he's Really sick because he NEVER will take medicine or tell his mom that he is sick but he was actually the one to report to his mom of his symptoms and I haven't had to force feed him to take his pills either. Tonight is his last night though of pills and we are hoping that it is gone. Malaria though is a wicked disease. Hopefully we will have good news next week to report from the embassy :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week Of September 12

This week we got possibly the biggest news so far… The I-130 petition was approved from the USCIS office in the Accra Embassy which means that we only have one step left to go before the visa is issued. It is Such a miracle because we weren’t even supposed to hear anything back until October 8. It has now been sent on to the consular section within the embassy and they are the ones that issue the visa so it’s really just left with them. I emailed them to find out what we need to do next but still haven’t heard back yet but hopefully when I do we will get more of a time table on how much longer it is going to be, and what we need to do in the mean time. So exciting  though!!

Other than that, I slept at the orphanage Friday night, which I haven’t done since last year and it was so great. We watched movies, had bible study (which Mama Eugenia led with all the kids and it was really great), played cards and then the next day we played kick the can, told stories, went to the river, and I watched the cards played football. At one point in the day too I was exhausted from lack of sleep (we stayed up late talking and then the bugs attacked all through the night) so I laid down and like five of the kids fanned me which was great. Mama Eugenia too earlier in the week sat me down and told me how they really regard me as part of the family and I really do feel it when I go there, I love all of them so much.

To add to the list of interesting things that I hear here… and I don’t know either if this has been heard in the US but in Ghana there is this HUGE thing going around about Michael Jackson. The story goes that a woman here died, and was taken to heaven first but then requested to see who was in hell or something like that so she was taken down and saw Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul being tortured in a hole in hell. Michael Jackson then told her that his music he created was a sin and that every time that someone on earth plays it, they torture him more. Anyways, one of Paul’s mom’s pastors came by this last week and I guess preached to the family (I wasn’t home) about the importance of not listening to Michael Jackson or dancing like him. I was whistling his song, “I will be there” and got some dirty looks from my nephew haha.

Anyways, my friend Abby (who I met while volunteering with CCS) and who came back last year when I was in Ghana as well, gets in today and I am so excited. She will be here with one of her friends for a month so it should be a lot of fun. We also found out too that the reason they are doing “light off” so much is because they are installing prepaid electricity in every building. Apparently, it has been in place for 2 years but is only now reaching Hohoe so once it is installed to get electricity we will have to go to the office and buy a card for however much electricity we’ll need and then once it’s out of money, we will have to go back again and buy it. Supposedly it is just a way for the electricity company to make more money because they “credit” that you buy runs out really quickly so Paul’s mom is worried. And last but certainly not least, 2 years ago tomorrow I met Paul at Kokrobite. I can’t believe how my life has changed since then and how Heavenly Father truly does have a plan for us. I am so grateful for my husband, he is my best friend, my teacher and the love of my life. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week of September 5

       This week I had a lot of fun at the orphanage. I have been scared to bring my laptop there but I should have known better than to worry because the kids are Always so respectful and careful of things. We took funny pictures with the effects on my computer and the kids were laughing So hard. We watched the Mask of Zorro and about 30 of them were all huddled around my stacked up on chairs and benches trying to see. We played Steal the Flag, which I taught them last year but hadn't played it yet this year and it was So much fun. To get the babies to stop crying too, we had races and Prosper was the all time champ after Luke fell on his face about every 5 steps. And of course, we have been playing a Lot of card games.
        I was really proud of Hohoe's electricity for about a month because they hadn't turned off the power, now however it is "Light off" everyday. They are like fixing something in town with street lights or something and seriously at least 5 times a day the power will go off, come on for about 20 minutes (if we are lucky) and then go back off again. And this heat with no fan can be killer, I take cold showers though in the middle of the day which does help to cool me off. And to add to the luxury of it all, the cockroaches are in full attack lately and are EVERYWHERE. Finally, even Paul had had enough and went to work spraying them all with insecticide. He seriously probably got rid of about 200 and they are still somehow everywhere. It will be really nice once the "family" house that Paul's dad is building is finished, we went and saw it yesterday and the piping is in which is definitely progress.
        Anyway, Paul took me to dinner on Friday night which was Really nice, especially because he took me to a place where I could get pizza. It definitely wasn't the same haha but was close enough and I enjoyed it :) Paul wouldn't even try it though. I think he wants to eat as Much Ghanaian food as possible while he can. We heard back from our friend in the government as well this week. The embassy here informed her that our petition was under review (which is a good sign) and that before the 60 days is up, which is October 8, we would be informed of a decision.
       Paul's dad came this weekend bearing gifts as always and gave me a whole fridge full of fruits, including watermelon :) Which of all fruits, reminds me the most of home. He also sent a package for me during the week with various things including chocolate bars and obviously there was nothing to do but put the chocolate to use so yesterday, while Paul and his friends watched the Arsenal v. Swamsea match, Confi and I made Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bars which was wonderful. And Really, despite the obvious contrasts from what I am used to... Ghana is my home now :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week Of August 29

     I can't believe it but as of Monday, it has now been 2 years since I stepped foot in Ghana to volunteer with CCS. It is crazy to look back and think of how much my life has changed since then. I NEVER imagined I would end up marrying and living here but I know I am where I am supposed to be and I'm so grateful for all the blessings I have in my life.
     This week has been great. Although I love Ghanaian food with it's fufu, banku, endless amounts of rice, yam, groundnut soup, palmnut soup, light soup, and stew... I find that I am missing American food lately. Paul's mom has been doing her best to accommodate me and on Monday we found noodles similar to Top Ramen so I was put in charge of dinner for the family for the first time and added tomatoes, cabbage and carrots to the noodles, Paul's mom then added Cow and an unknown animal's meat (possibly antelope) and a lot of spices and called it good enough to serve. Paul's family liked it okay but I was thrilled and even saved leftovers (in a covered bowl so no cockroaches or ants could get inside) and ate it again the next day. Haha it really is the little things sometimes.
    Also this week, I was able to do another task for Della, my friends business that is run out of Hohoe and am happy to feel that I can atleast be of some service to her, she really is such a success. Paul also refixed the car yet again this week and it is now in complete working condition and is definitely on it's way out of our life forever. Paul's dad came this weekend (he has been travelling for a while) and I was able to speak with him finally about getting a job teaching. School resumes in 2 weeks and I am hoping to teach any grades K-3. He is the Regional Accountant for Education and so it shouldn't be a problem I hope... Well that's about all, until next week :)