Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finally Going To Be Together :)

So... I know it has been forever since there has been a post. I put up my first one and then my life was just boring with school or work everyday and missing Paul like crazy every second.  However, I have had 3 great bridal showers, awesome going away dinners, friends coming over to pack and send me off, and tearful goodbyes to my dear family...  Now I'm ready and FINALLY in 9 hours :) My flight leaves to Ghana and I can't even stand the excitement!!! I haven't slept all week and I know tonight is going to be the same because I feel like I'm dreaming! After 6 LONG months of waiting and feeling like I'm missing half of my heart, I will finally get to be with my love again! (haha after my 16 hour flight) HALLELUJAH!!