Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Story...


When I volunteered in Ghana August 2009, I got convinced my third weekend there to go to a beach called Kokrobite because my friends had met a guy named Jojo in town. When we met up with them at the beach, there was Paul. We shook hands and it was if I already knew him. We talked all day on the beach, danced to Reggae that night, and for the remainder of my three months, we were as inseparable as possible. I had a boyfriend so we were really just best friends. When I came home from Ghana, he called me every single day. I broke up with my boyfriend, miraculously got the money to get back to Ghana and went back six months after I had returned to the states. Paul picked me up from the airport, and everything just fell into place. I knew that I loved him but after a month of my second trip, I realized that I couldn't live without him. He took the missionary discussions and was able to gain a testimony of the church and be baptized July 3, 2010. We then went back to the beach that we met at and got engaged July 8, 2010. I left back to America two days later to wait for him to get his visa to come here. Paul getting his passport has taken longer than we planned, so I am now going there in January, for us to begin our lives together February 5, 2011 :)