Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week of September 26

We are definitely being watched over.... We went to the embassy on Wednesday and after a bit of a wait, we were able to meet with a woman at "the window" in the consular section. She told us that we were going to be given an appointment package which had all the information we would need to know what we needed to do to prepare for our interview but then she regrettably told us that the next appointment they had was not until February 2 which is 4 months away and however much I love Ghana, Paul and I really are both so ready to get to the US and get going on our lives. Paul being good natured as he is just said okay and thank you. However me being who I am, burst into tears and told the woman that I really want to get home but won't leave without Paul. She looked genuinely concerned and told us to sit down again and she would see what she could do. She then called us up again and informed us that she found us an earlier appointment for November 2 :) Which is exactly a month away today!  I say this all the time, but we really are so blessed. So we thanked her profusely and then were given our appointment package so basically we have one month to get Everything ready to prove that we really are a "valid" couple. It won't be too difficult we hope but please keep us in your prayers.

Other than that, I have malaria which is so weird because it's not like it's a contagious thing. But we traveled this last week to Accra and then went to our beach Kokrobite with our friends Abby and Emily for a couple of days and I must have gotten bit there. It really is the most miserable feeling in the world and I'm so grateful we don't have it in the US but I'm here and suffering haha. Paul's mom though is doing her best of making me eat everything possible too because the medicine like rocks your system and seriously does like make you more sick at first. Also, earlier this week I went with my friends Abby and Emily to Suzzy Mother Care (the school that I taught at for like a month when I first came to Ghana) and some of the kids recognized me and it was really great. Suzzy Mother Care is the school that Abby was placed at when we came with CCS so they are to her like Eugemot is to me and the kids there love her. She brought them all these art supplies which is really so great. Paul too has been taking like computer programming classes and once he's finished will work for the man that teaches them, which is really great. The days really are flying by now and Paul and I both can't wait for my cousin Ali to arrive on Saturday and my best friend Kylee to come the following Monday :) Life is good


  1. that's so exciting annie! so glad things are working out for you. you deserve the best! miss ya:)

  2. woohhoooooo!!!! (except the malari part) feel better please!!!