Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week of October 24

Well I am very proud of my husband. All I did this week was basically go to the orphanage, which was as fun as ever although Crazy with the 7 new children they have gotten in the last 2 weeks. Plus, a woman I met at Eugemot a couple months ago, coming from England sent six boxes of shoes which I took to the orphanage and handed out to the OVER THE MOON happy kids who now can go to school without getting beat for not having shoes. But back to to why I'm so proud of Paul... he went to Accra twice. The first time he went, the tro tro broke down like 2 hours into the journey and he ended up waiting on the side of the road for hours for another car and then after a while just decided it would be too late by the time he got to Accra so he just had to turn around. Friday though, he had a lot more success, leaving at 4 A.M. and got his police report in the morning :) He has no criminal record haha which we knew already. He then went to the hospital and waited for hours for his report. It's sealed but we assume he's in good health. We also received letters from some of my CCS friends this week that have seen mine and Paul's relationship from the beginning which will be So helpful. We have the affadavit of support (thanks to my dad), wedding cards, letters that I sent Paul while I was in America, a letter from Paul the first time I left Ghana, my journals since the time I've known Paul and lots and lots of pictures. Tomorrow we just have to print off emails that he sent me and also our Google voice phone bill. I am the only person in Hohoe who knows what Halloween is so we are just going to watch Hocus Pocus and make Corn bread with the kids at Paul's house. Then Tuesday, we will make our way to Accra to spend the night and be at the embassy at 7:30 Wednesday morning. We are obviously both So excited but at the same time So nervous for the outcome, and basically all we can do now is pray.

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